IP Video Surveillance

Keeping an eye on all you’ve worked for in and around Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Augusta and Major Cities of Southeastern United States

Many organizations want to protect their employees, visitors and students, as well as their premises and assets - which is why many of today's businesses are seeking an innovative, affordable option that delivers a rapid and appropriate response to crime and emergencies. IP Video Surveillance is the answer.

Unlike old-fashioned CCTV surveillance systems that offer blurry, grainy images, IP Video Surveillance provides you with high resolution, high definition imagery in real time. That means you can actually see what's going on in and around your business at any moment, thanks to state-of-the-art security technology and the high-speed, reliable network you need to keep it performing optimally.

PCPlus can assist you with the purchase, design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of your video surveillance network.

With Video Surveillance solutions from PCPlus, you can rest easy knowing your business, staff and most critical assets are safe from all that's out there.

PCPlus’s IP Video Surveillance technology allows you to:

  • Save money - wireless solutions empower you to avoid the expense of running cabling across long distances and awkward locations
  • Get set up fast - deploy and relocate cameras and equipment as needed with little to no delay
  • Keep an eye on your business from afar - watch over everything with live, high-resolution video feed via the Internet
  • View footage anytime - retrieve recorded files over the Internet from a secure online storage server

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