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Operating a club, hotel, or entertainment facility is a complex responsibility involving the management of multiple individuals and resources, while ensuring that members and guests are properly served. Marketing, membership, staffing, ordering and accounting all depend on having a computer network that is fast, efficient, and reliable on a 24/7 basis. Offering services to businesses in Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Augusta, Charlotte, Greenville and Major Cities of United States, our hospitality solutions and HSIA Support are designed for your unique business needs.

Only by combining high-tech infrastructure with personal service can the hospitality industry be successful in the long run. That's where PCPlus comes in.

Our Approach

At PCPlus, we proactively handle everything an in-house IT department would handle, for a fraction of the cost. We maintain your network with a flat-rate, all-you-can-use monthly service, which keeps your IT budget under control. Plus, tech support for your staff is always just a phone call away.

Our hospitality industry solutions can help your business:

  • Virtually eliminate downtime
  • Ensure that operating details can be handled quickly and professionally
  • Protect private membership and financial data
  • Support PCI compliance
  • Ensure all software packages on your network work well together
  • Guest retention & improved guest score with guest satisfaction.
  • Worry free front desk & business center network.
  • Fast & reliable HSIA network, HSIA guest support
  • Compliance with business standards.

Find out how our service plan can help your hospitality business succeed.

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