High Speed Internet Access

Give your guests the very best

In today's fast-paced online marketplace, your customers and guests need access to the Internet when they're away from the office or on the go. In order to provide them with the very best service and support, you need a High Speed Internet Access solution that's powerful, reliable and worry-free.

PCPlus installs and maintains quality Ethernet Cable & Wireless Networking solutions for the hospitality industry - including hotels, shopping centers & complexes, cafes, airports and more.

  • Fast & Secure Wireless Network - You and your guests can count on maximum uptime and reliability when it comes to High Speed Internet Access solutions from PCPlus. Plus, you can rest easy knowing all your data, emails and files are protected with firewalls, encryption and complete Internet security solutions.
  • Load Balancing - We can bond different types of Internet connections (DSL, cable, or T-1) into one reliable network that can easily handle numerous users, multiple applications and high levels of traffic. Because your Internet traffic will be balanced over multiple connections, your guests and customers will enjoy greater speed, reliability and performance.
  • Multi-Homing - With multiple connections bonded into one simple HSIA solution and Multi-Homing technology, you'll eliminate worries over Internet downtime for you and your guests. Should one connection go down, your traffic will be automatically switched over to one of the other connections - ensuring a flawless transition your users won't even notice.
  • 24/7 Support/Network Monitoring - Stop worrying about whether your network and systems are running smoothly. Our team of experts is always watching over your connection and your IT infrastructure to fend off problems proactively - before they affect your business.

Choose the support plan that fits your needs:

Within customer areas and guest rooms, you and your guests will enjoy 24x7x365 live helpdesk support for your High Speed Internet Connection. Our expert engineers will be standing by to answer any questions you may have about email, connectivity, firewalls, laptop configuration and more!
Enjoy everything under our Tier I support offering, along with a Level II engineer who can assist you in diagnosing system problems which may need replacement parts or repairs. Plus, you’ll get 24x7x365 remote monitoring services at no extra charge, ensuring your network is always up and running smoothly.
Our highest level of HSIA support! Enjoy everything under our Tier I and Tier II support offerings, plus same day/next day onsite support for repairs, replacements or reconfiguration issues.

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