7 Ways To Communicate Powerfully In Writing

Executives can multiply their influence by learning the techniques of forceful writing. High-powered writers learn to focus words the way a laser beam focuses light.

Focus your objective. What is the purpose of the material you want to write? Writing can help you achieve the five I’s: it can inform, inquire, influence, instruct and incite.

Are Notifications Killing Your Productivity?

How To Win Back Your Sanity - And Your Time

You get in to work, sit down at your desk, clear out a few e-mails and start blasting through that report that’s due in less than an hour… Looking good, on your way to the finish line when — whoops, what’s that? A text from one of the kids — forgot his homework…

You’re just getting that fire doused when you get a Facebook IM from a friend, so you click to see what’s up and… whoa, check out the leaping-lizard video… The minutes slip by, and when you finally look up and check the time… Yikes, five minutes to finish that report!

It’s no joke.

5 tips for a successful Office 365 migration

Microsoft Office 365 is growing in popularity as more and more businesses make the move to the cloud. However, without proper planning and testing beforehand, you could get stuck in the middle of the migration process, end up with duplicated data, or even have to abort the transition completely. Needless to say, all of these […]

Is the iPad Pro worth buying?

December 9th, 2015 iPad

Whether you’re considering a new tablet as a gift for a loved one or are interested in decking out your offices with a couple dozen of them, the iPad Pro is worth your consideration. With the ability to use a keyboard as well other new features, this iPad takes a quantum jump ahead of its […]


Your Calories

Business lunches can wreck a healthy diet plan. Yet there is a way to enjoy them without busting your calorie count. The secret? Enlist your calendar to help you eat out more often without gaining weight. Here’s how:

1) Limit restaurant meals to one or two per week.

Who Would Make A Better President: CEO Or Politician?

Scott McKain–

“Elected political leader as manager” is a dated, misplaced notion. Let’s change our thinking about the jobs of those we elect to signifi cant positions.

I never thought Jack Welch was an expert on nuclear power or broadcasting – even though GE did both while he was CEO.

Yet we seemingly want our President to know everything about every issue.

Last Night I Was Startled Out Of Bed In A Cold Sweat,

Heart Racing, With Fear Running Through My Mind…And YOU Were The Reason For My Panic!

Was I having a nightmare? Was I just watching too many reruns of The Twilight Zone? Had I eaten a big meal before bed? No – it simply occurred to me that you might be relying on cheap, online backups for your data!

And if that data was erased, corrupted or destroyed, you might not ever get it back! The thought of that happening scared me half to death!

You see, your business network creates a lot of important data every day, which means you need regular backups to ensure that you always have access to this information.

Virtualization questions to consider

For small or medium-sized business, getting a leg up on the competition can be the difference between simply surviving and thriving. One way of doing this is by embracing virtualization. Many SMBs have used virtualization techniques to great effect, but implementing a change can be difficult and time-consuming. Here are a few questions you should […]

What’s the difference between FXS and FXO?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are designed to provide a reliable and cost-effective telecommunication environment for businesses. If you’re looking to deploy a VoIP telephony system for your company, you’ll probably come across the acronyms FXS and FXO from time to time. But what exactly do these phrases mean? Here, we’ll explain the difference […]