How A Twist Of Humor Took The “Sting” Out Of A Situation

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to address the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association. It was one of the most memorable programs have done in my career; the people attending the conference provide drug & alcohol testing for any company, organization, state or federal agency.

Spooked About Your Network’s Security?

You should be, unless somebody’s keeping a vigilant eye on it for you…

Not too long ago, in a place not so far away...when ancient hordes attacked your city, a single breach in the wall could mean certain death – or at least the end of life as you know it.

5 Tools To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

School’s back in session, and it’s time for your kids to dig for the data they’ll need to fill all those
reports, papers and projects that fuel their passing grades…

And Mr. Google can be their greatest friend when it comes to finding tons of tidbits to keep teacher happy.

5 Ways To Increase Your IQ (Implementation Quotient)

How do leaders accomplish more than others? And how do they achieve great things
with others?

I believe a leader’s success is due to his or her IQ: implementation quotient. That is the
difference between common knowledge and consistent application.

Investing In Your Future

I’ve counseled a lot of professionals over the years on the need to market consistently. The excuse I frequently hear is “I can’t afford it.” I’ve never quite understood that mindset. It’s a little like a farmer who buys a helicopter to cruise around his holdings, but never has enough money for fertilizer.

How To Avoid The “Cash-Flow Crunch” Of A Network Upgrade

If you’re facing an expensive server refresh, network upgrade or expansion, there are two options you should consider to cut costs. The first is moving your network to the cloud. Doing this can often reduce hardware, software and support costs significantly over time, not to mention giving you more flexibility to work remote and from various devices.